Lena Actress New HD Photos

The bold and beautiful actress Lena Abhilash is a gifted actress. She is seen everywhere, in ads, albums, serials and in movies. She has done many contrasting roles as well and have proved many times that any role can better suit her. That is the most important quality an artist needs. Lena is a post-graduate in clinical psychology, and has worked as a clinical psychologist in Mumbai. After that she quit her job and got involved into full-time acting. That was a wise choice indeed or else we would have missed such a talented actress. Lena has also acted in the album “Pranayam”. .

ena got married to her childhood love, Abhilash Kumar. In an interview she had said that they where in love from school time onwards. Abhilash was working as an Assistant manager in a company based in Bangalore, but recently he gave up that job and had assisted the director Aashiq Abu. Now the assistant director has turned a writer through the Malayalam film “22 Female Kottayam”. This film is rated as the top 4th film among the Malayalam movies of 2012. Lena is very much thrilled and excited at this successful venture of her husband..

Lena entered the big screen in the year 1998 through the Malayalam film “Sneham”, directed by Jayaraj. She was ‘Ammu’ in this movie. Then she appeared in the art film “Karunam” (1999), directed by Jayaraj. In the year 2000, Lena acted in the movies “Indriyam”, “A Slender Smile”, “Devadoothan”, “Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal”, “Summer Palace”, “Varnakkazchchakal”, “Oru Cheru Punchiri” and in “Shantham” another award film. It was really a blessed year for her even though she did not get any lead roles..