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karunya ramis an Indian actress.  She’s Kollywood’s latest find from the Kannada industry. Karunya Ram, who has done six films in Kannada, is now preparing for a splash in K-Town. She has two films in hand – Dr V Ramadoss’ Kannakol and Pongudi Neengalum Unga Kadhalum (PNUK), in which she’s the second lead. “I have an important part to play as Athmeeya’s close friend in the first half,” she reveals.

karunya ram photos

For Karunya, the challenge was in playing two roles so vastly different from the other. While in PNUK she’s a college girl, in Kannakol she plays a roadside folk dancer. “In PNUK I’m a rowdy, bubbly and talkative character. I’m very chatty, straightforward and outspoken in real life, just like my screen character, so it was easy to relate to. But in Kannakol, it’s the opposite. I play a homely, silent girl who expresses mainly with her eyes,” says Karunya.

Kannakol, directed by newbie VA Kumaresan, is being readied for release.

Offers for Telugu projects are coming in but Karunya is waiting to take the plunge at the right time. Her first film offer came when she was in the 12th standard, which she refused. “I was with my friends at a coffee shop in Bengaluru. A director spotted me and asked if I would act. My first reaction was a big no. I told him he had to talk to my parents,” Karunya says.

Her parents too were unwilling as they wanted her to complete her studies. “I don’t have a filmi background. My dad works in a bank. I like studies and I completed my B Com before I took the plunge into films,” she says. She also completed an MSc in fashion design, later.

After stepping into K Town, Karunya has put a hold on accepting Kannada projects. Meanwhile, she’s busy learning Tamil and watching Tamil movies to brush up her knowledge.

She also nurses big dreams, “I want to act with Ajit and Surya! I saw both Aarambam and Singham 2. As an actor one should dream big. One shouldn’t be satisfied and rest easily on small laurels. One has to keep setting high goals, to move forward!”

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