Aniyathi Serial Actress Gowri Krishnon Photos

Gauri who well called as ‘Achu’ by her parents is their dearest ‘Krishna’ for her friends. Gauri Krishna, skilled in Oration, Monoact, Ottam Thullal and Skits had won not only claps but a bunch of prizes. Her skill in addressing the gathering was properly used by the school authorities giving her opportunity to perform during special occasions. While in std 8, Gauri performed the act of a mentally retarded person which gave tremendous appreciation from the audience.

Gauri is well supported by her family which gave her confidence to concentrate more on her acting career. During her pastime, Gauri likes to take a ride with her parents. During the weekends, she spends the day at home enjoying television. She finds her mother as the most beloved gift given by god. Her tastes include eaingt a lot of ice creams, chocolates and Chicken Fried rice..